General user can set the authentication method the following procedure.

Please see here if you are the Portal Admin user.

[STEP1]Login to Business Portal with old authentication method

STEP 1-1)Access the login screen of Business Portal[].

Login screen will be changed in March 3rd,2018.

STEP 1-2) Select [Log in with 1-step verification (old authentication method)] on the right hand side.

STEP 1-3) Login to Business Portal from the old login screen.

[STEP2] Go on to the setting of 2-step verification

STEP2-1) Click the [Initial setting for 2-step verification] menu at the top of dashboard page.


[STEP3] Set up the password for first verification in the screen of setting password.

STEP3-1) Enter new password with 6 digits or more and 32 digits or less using numbers, upper case and lower case alphabetical letters at least once.

STEP3-2) Click the [Change Password] button at the bottom of the screen after input new password.

[STEP4] Finish the password for 1-step verification

STEP4-1) The change password completion screen is displayed.

Click [Setting the TOTP authentication] and go on to the [STEP7].


* The second verification method of General user is set to TOTP authentication automatically.
Please ask your Portal Admin to change to MailOTP authentication if you are NOT able to use TOTP  authentication because you don’t have the devices such as smartphone, tablet or you can’t bring the devices in the place where you use Business Portal.

[STEP5] Set up the 2-step verification application on your devices

STEP5-1) Please download and install a 2-step verification application such as Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator on your devices like smartphone or tablet.
Please click here for installation.

STEP5-2) Scan the QR code displayed on the initial setting screen of TOTP authentication using 2-step verification application on your devices.

STEP5-3) Confirm that the 6 digits number changes regularly is displayed in 2-step verification application.

STEP5-4) Input the 6 digits number displayed in 2-step verification application to [Verify code] field.

STEP5-5) Click [Register] button after you input the number.

Conglaturations! The initial setup procedure is completed.
You can login from [Log in with 2-step verification (new authentication method)] on the login screen.