Thank you for using NTT Communications Business Portal.
We will change the authentication method of Business Portal from 1-step verification to 2-step verification according to a lot of requests from our customers for stronger security.
All users have to set up 2-step verification during the period below due to this changing login method.
In addition, we would like to set the maintenance window for 5hours for this changing.
Users could not login to Business Portal during this time.
We are sorry for any inconvenience, thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


1. The period when the authentication method can be changed

March 4th to April 24th in 2018
(Users could not login with 1-step verification after the end of the period)


2.Maintenance window for this changing

March 3rd 15:00 – March 3rd 20:00(UTC)


3.About new authentication method (2-step verification)

2-Step Verification requires you to enter a unique security code in addition to your password when you sign in Business Portal.

We provide the TOTP authentication or the MailOTP authentication as a second verification.
The authentication method that can be selected depends on your authority.
-Portal Admin can select the TOTP authentication or the MailOTP authentication.
-General User is set to the TOTP authentication automatically.
*Only portal Admin can change the setting of the second verification to the MailOTP authentication. Please see here.

* Please make sure that your registered mail address could receive e-mail in case that you select the MailOTP authentication.

3-1.What’s TOTP authentication(Time-based One Time Password)

You could get the verification code via the authenticator app in your devices like a smartphone and a tablet. You should install the authenticator app like Google authenticator, Microsoft authenticator etc. on your devices.

3-2.What’s the MailOTP authentication (Mail One Time Password)

You could get the verification code via e-mail to your mail address after first verification.

4. How to set up the authentication method

Please refer to the following URL to set up the authentication method.

Portal Admin User

General User

5. Contacts about this change

Please contact with e-mail below if you have any questions about this change. [Business hours 9:00 – 17:30 (JST)]


You can also contact us using ticket in Business Portal.[Category:Portal, Service Name:Business Portal]

Please see here about creating ticket in the portal.