3.3 Adding User Groups Customized for Specific Contracts

This section explains the procedures for registering a user group with permission customized for each contract.

1. Display the User Group List screen (see steps 1 of Setting a User Group to View and Edit All Contracts).

2. Click on “Add User Group” from the User Group List screen to add user to the User Group. (refer to “3.2 Adding User Groups for a Service Unit”).

3. Click EDIT on User Group Scope pane to display User Group Edit screen.

4. Click DETAIL on Detail Config to set up Authority per contract unit(Figure 3-8).


Figure 3-8. User Group Edit (select service) screen


5. After the User Group Edit screen is displayed, select the permission (View or Edit) for contracts now in use or ordered and then click on OK to save (Figure 3-9).

Note: You can select permission (View or Edit) for VPN group number of “Arcstar Universal One” Service (ex. V12345678). If contracts in configured VPN group are added, the additional contracts are applied the same permission for the VPN group.


Figure 3-9. User Group Edit (select contract) screen

6. The Add screen is displayed after click OK.