2.2.3 Viewing Services and the Operational Status

Services and the operational status can be confirmed with the Service Status widget (Figure 2-15).


Figure 2-15. Service Status Widget


When alarm has occurred at your contract, it’s service name, contract number, location are displayed at the area. If some alarms have occurred, each information is displayed switched to every few seconds automatically.

Click the displayed alarm, Service Status Detail screen is displayed (Figure 2-16).


Figure 2-16. Service Status Detail screen


Click “Service Status List” on the top of the screen, all of service status is displayed(Figure 2-17).


Figure 2-17. Service Status List screen


Click the status icon or contract# in the Service (Status) screen, or each line in the Services (Status) widget to see more detail(Figure 2-18).


Figure 2-18. Service Status detail screen