2.2.4 Using Services Control

Service Control has links to each service management screen (Figure 2-19). About the way to control each service management screen, refer to manuals on the bottom of right pane.


Figure 2-19. Services Control screen


Choose “Service Control” on Management menu pane, Service Control List is displayed.

Select check box, link icon is displayed in Service Control pane. On the other hand, remove check box, link is removed on the service control widget(Figure 2-20) .

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The following is the items which can control in each service.

<Arcstar Universal One>

Mobile Circuits Management

Monitoring Suspension

Arcstar Network View


Traffic Report -Domestic

Traffic Report – Global

Traffic Report – Global *For CE


Value Added Services

Charged Maintenance

Global M2M

Global Mobile


<OCN for Business>

Customer Support Desk Traffic Report


<Software-Defined Network Service>

Config Change


<Arcstar SIP Trunking>



<Arcstar UCaaS>

Config Change


<050 plus for Biz/W-mode>

Call Detail Records (IP Phone mode) Call Detail Records Config Change


<Arcstar IP Voice>

Config Change ・Contract Change CDR


<Arcstar Smart PBX>

Config Change


<Enterprise Cloud 1.0>

Enterprise Cloud 1.0 Azure Office 365


<Enterprise Cloud 2.0>

Enterprise Cloud 2.0


<Cloud Management Platform>

Cloud Management Platform





<Enterprise DaaS>

Enterprise DaaS


<Enterprise Mail>

Enterprise Mail (JP) Enterprise Mail (APAC)


<WideAngle Managed Security>

WideAngle Managed Security





<Global Management One>

Global Management One