**The scheduled start date will be changed to October 27 (Tuesday). Thank you for your understanding.**

We will start providing new screen design improved operation feeling on NTT Communications Business Portal.

By the end of December 2020, the current design and new design can be used together.

1. Features of the new design

[1] Change in color and appearance

In the current design, the screen used a lot of dark blue and black, but in the new design, it will be changed to a bright screen based on white.

[2] Change menu structure

With the new design, the menu is placed at the top. In addition, the menu reconfigured into a “service menu” that allows you to select operable functions from service names, a “frequently used menu” that allows you to pin frequently used functions, and a “portal management” menu that can be used by portal administrators will be provided.

Service menu

In the service menu, you can select the operable function from the service name.

Frequently used menu

In the frequently used menu, you can always pin the frequently used functions by pinning from the latest operation history.

2. About switching to a new design

[1] Scheduled start of new design and end of current design

Planned start date of new design: October 27, 2020

Scheduled end of design: late December 2020

Details will be announced separately, but at the end of the current design, those who are using the current design will be switched to the new design.

[2] How to switch to a new design

After the start of the service, the “Change to New screen design” menu will be displayed at the top of the current screen.

When you click this menu, a confirmation screen asking whether to change to the new design is displayed, and you can change to the new design.

It is also possible to change from the new design to the current design. Select the “Switch Design” menu in the personal menu on the upper right.