1 Introduction

This guide is intended for use by personnel on the user side who are responsible for user management using the NTT Communications Business portal. It explains the concept of portal-based user management and related operations, such as registering individual users.

Note: For a general instruction of NTT Communications Business Portal, please refer to “NTT Communications Business Portal Customer User’s Guide”.

Note: For quick installation of each NTT Communications service, please refer to each service’s User’s Guide.

1.1 Concept of User Management by Administrator

On the NTT Communications Business Portal, permissions including view and edit are managed by the administrator, who creates the user groups and assigns people to specific groups. When creating a user group, the administrator can specify the services and contracts that can be viewed by the members.



Figure 1-1. Relationship Between User Groups and Users


User Management function provides the following.

  • Create, edit and delete User
  • Create, edit and delete User Group including permission control
  • Setup access control based on IP address