3.1 User Group Features

The “user group” has the following two features.

There are two types of user groups: “General user group” and “Automatic Group – Full Permissions”. The features of each are as follows.
  • General user group: A user group in which the portal administrator individually registers permissions (reference / edit, etc.) and available services / contracts. After registration, portal administrator can edit / delete it.
  • Automatic Group – Full Permissions:This group is created in advance as the system default user group and cannot be registered / deleted by the portal administrator. If the portal administrator register a user in this group, the registered user will be able to view / edit all contracts. In addition, when a new contract is added, users registered in this group will automatically be able to view / edit contracts added in the future.

Figure 3-1. Example of authority / reference range of users registered in multiple user groups

User C in Figure 3-1 can operate with the following authority / reference range.

Table 3-1. Authority / reference range of users registered in multiple user groups, etc.

Authority Reference range
  • Sales Department
  • Osaka Branch
  • Osaka Branch


The permissions that can be set for general user groups are as follows.

View authority: Various information such as application and construction can be referred from the dashboard etc. for each contract.

Edit authority: You can edit information on a contract-by-contract basis and change detailed settings for each service. You can also apply for the service.