3.2 Adding a customized User Group

The procedures for registering user groups that can view and edit all contracts for specific services or specific contracts are explained in this section.

1. Display the User Group Information screen (Figure 3-2).

Figure 3-2. Portal Management menu


2. From the User Group List screen, click “Add User Group” (Figure 3-3).

Figure 3-3. User Group List screen


3. After the Add User Group screen is displayed, input the details for the user group name and description (Figure 3-4), and click “To Add“.

Figure 3-4. Add User Group screen


Table 3-2. Items in Add User Group screen

Required/ Optional
User Group Name
Input the name of the user group.
Enter a description of the user group (application, etc.).


4. After completing registering User Group, Group is displayed(Figure 3-5). The next step is to register users in the user group. To begin, click on Edit the Belongs users.

Figure 3-5.User Group Detail screen


5. After Add or Delete Group User screen is displayed, users can be added in the user group (Figure 3-6).
Select a user to be added from the User List in the left side box, and then click ADD ->. Click To Save to save the information after displayed the user name in right side box.

Note: To delete a user from the list of Users to be registered, select the user to be deleted from the list in right side box and then click <-DELETE.

Figure 3-6. Add or Delete Group User screen


 6. Next, select services into the Group. Select Range tab in User Group Detail screen (Figure 3-7).

Figure 3-7. User Group Detail screen


7. Click Edit Permissions in Range tab page.

Figure 3-7. User Group Detail screen

8. User Group Edit screen is displayed(Figure 3-8). Contract Service name is shown there,choose authority (VIEW and EDIT) from Service unit selection per Service. After choosing authority, click To Save.

Figure 3-8. User Group Edit screen

After click To Save button, return to User Group Detail screen. If setting contents are displayed, your setting is completed.


※To set Authorization per contract, click Set permissions for each contract(Figure 3-9).

Figure 3-9. User Group Edit screen


9. After setting screen for each contract of the target service is displayed(Figure 3-10), select View only or View/Edit for the contract# you want to apply for.Then click Apply.

Figure 3-10. User Group Edit (per contract) screen