4.2 Managing User Groups

This section explains how to register, edit, and delete user groups.


4.2.1 Adding User Groups

About how to add User Group, refer to “3.2 Adding User Groups Customized for Specific Contracts”.

4.2.2 Editing User Groups

1. Display the User Group List screen.

Figure 4-11. Portal Management screen

2. From the User Group List screen, click the row of the user group you want to edit (Figure 4-12).

Figure 4-12. User Group List Screen

3. After the User Group Detail screen is displayed, when you edit User Group name/ description, click To Edit button(Figure 4-13).

4. To add user to or delete from user group, click Edit the Belongs users(Figure 4-14).

Figure 4-14. User Group Detail screen

※The user displayed(Figure 4-15) on the left side is the user not belonging to a group. To add, select the user name you want to add from the user list and click ADD-> in the center.

※The user displayed on the right side is the user belonging to a group. To delete it, select the user name you want to delete and click <-Delete.

Figure 4-15. Add or Delete Group User screen

5. If you want to display the target range of the user group continuously, click the Range tab in the screen (Figure 4-16), then click Edit Permission in the Range tab (Figure 4-9).

Figure 4-16. User Group Detail screen

Figure 4-17. User Group Detail screen


6. After completing editing, check View Only or View/Edit of the service for which authorization is set, and click To Save.

※To set Authorization per service unit, select View Only or View/Edit in the Permission settings for each services. When you select an authorization on a per service basis, if a contract is added to that service, the configured authorization is also applied to the added contract.

Figure 4-18. User Group Edit screen


※To set Authorization per contract unit, click Set permissions for each contract(Figure 4-19).

Figure 4-19. User Group Edit screen


7. After setting screen for each contract of the target service is displayed(Figure 4-20), select View only or View/Edit for the contract# you want to apply for.Then click Apply.

Figure 4-20. User Group Edit (per contract) screen