2.2 Using the Dashboard

After the login has been completed, the Dashboard screen is displayed (Figure 2-15).

Figure 2-15. Dashboard screen

The following information is displayed in widget format on the Dashboard screen and can be viewed in a unified manner (Table 2-1).

Table 2-1. Information Displayed on Dashboard screen

area Information Details Display Format
Body Information Information from us regarding the business portal will be displayed. List
Ticket Handling status of tickets issued for incidents and general requests. List
Order Process Order Progress of each service which have subscribed List
Service Status Operational status of each service now in use (normal, failure, etc.) Bar
Global Navigation Service menu Menus that can be operated for each service menu
  Frequently used menu Recent operation history display and pinning of frequently used functions menu
  Portal Management menu Menu for Portal Administrator like Add User, Manage User Group etc.
* This menu is displayed for Portal Administrator only.

Personal menu (on your name at upper right)

User profile, Login history etc. menu
  Navigation Search Box, View the number of malware Blockings, Information, Inquiry to us and Help icon


*On each screen, you can perform the following operations on the table.

  • Sort:
    Click on an item name to sort the list in ascending or descending order.

  • Filtering:
    • Keyword
      Only information associated with the keyword is displayed when you enter a keyword. At some list
    • Services                                                                                                                                             Only information associated with the service name is displayed when you select service name from list.