3.1 Resetting the Password from the Login Screen

If you forgot your password or want to change it or one time URL for first login expired, you can get one time URL to reset password to your email address. Click “Forget Password?” on the bottom of “Sign In” button after clicking the “To Log in page” button in the login screen[https://b-portal.ntt.com]. (Figure 3-1)

 Figure 3-1. Login screen

Identify Verification Screen is displayed.(Figure 3-2)

Figure 3-2. Identity Verification

The mail with one time URL for re-registration password is sent to your email address as soon as Identity Verification is success.

If you could not know the information for identity verification, could you refer the FAQ about this issue.
If it is first time to log in for you, you are required Identify Verification again.

If you have already logged in, refer to “2-1” to configure new password.

Input the following information using the exact information that you are registered on the Business Portal.

  • email address
  • name
  • contact telephone number(without hyphens)