Business Portal started offering new design on October 27, 2020.

Since many people have already started using the new design, we will stop providing the old design.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we kindly request that customers who use the old design switch to the new design as soon as possible.

1. About End of old design

[1] End date of old design

9th Feb, 2021(JST)

[2] Display of request screen for switching to new design after login

You can switch to the new design by clicking “Change to New screen design” in the upper menu.

For customers using the old design, the following screen will be displayed after logging in after mid-January to encourage the use of the new design.

If you cancel without selecting “Use new design” on this screen, the following screen will be displayed every time you log in, so please understand in advance.

2.   Introduction of New design

The menu structure has been changed on the new design screen.

Since many customers using the business portal are logged in for the purpose of operating the functions in one of the services, we have prepared a “service menu” that allows you to select the function from the service name.

In addition, for customers who repeatedly use the same function, we have prepared a menu that allows you to instantly select frequently used functions by using the pinning function in the “Frequently Used Menu”. It has been well received by customers who have already used it.

Please see the following for specific changes and switch to the new design.

[1] Change menu structure

With the new design, the menu is placed at the top. In addition, the menu reconfigured into a “service menu” that allows you to select operable functions from service names, a “frequently used menu” that allows you to pin frequently used functions, and a “portal management” menu that can be used by portal administrators will be provided.

Service menu

In the service menu, you can select the operable function from the service name.

Frequently used menu

In the frequently used menu, you can always pin the frequently used functions by pinning from the latest operation history.

[2] Change in color and appearance

In the old design, the screen used a lot of dark blue and black, but in the new design, it will be changed to a bright screen based on white.