Execute command to NTT managed CPE like router using CE Commander

CE Commander allows Customer to login and execute command to their NTT managed CPE [Router] via NTT Communications Business Portal to see the real time status.

You can see the latest status of local router.

Notice) CE Commander supports UNO standard CPE chassis and IOS only

1. Access to CE Commander from Business Portal

[1] Click “Arcstar Universal One CE Commander” on the Service Control bottom of Business Portal Dashboard.

[2] Click “CE Commander” (of VPN number you want to see if multiple VPNs available)

[3] Traffic Report (Global) page will be displayed.

2. How to use CE Commander

[1] Select Sites, Device and command with arguments(if needs)

 Notice) Set of executable commands is defined by Cisco and the list changes without a prior notice. Some information about password and management cannot be shown.

[2] Press “Run Commander”

[3] You can see result for command in “Result” area