Check Network traffic or performance of Arcstar Universal One

You can check Traffic, Performance data of Arcstar Global Universal One by Traffic Report (Global) function in NTT Com Business Portal.

Please use it to check the line usage!

1.Access the traffic report page in Business Portal

[1] Click “Arcstar Universal One Traffic Report (Global)” on the Service Control bottom of Business Portal Dashboard.

[2] Click “Show” (of VPN number you want to see if multiple VPNs available)

[3] Traffic Report (Global) page will be displayed.

2. How to view Traffic report

[1] Specify the Sites and Time conditions.

[2] Click “Generate” to display summary reports.

[3] Click Hyperlinks in the table to display statistical graphs.


<<Tips >> Register frequently used sites as favorite

[1] Select “Add to Favorites” after generating report.

[2] Input the favorite report name and press “save”

[3] You will see the message of success.

[4] You can select the name in the “Favorite Reports” tab.

[5] Then you will see the summery report.


Please refer the manual of Traffic report in detail.

*You can download the manual after logging in Business Portal.