Config change of rental router by SoftMAC

You can order changing configuration of rental router in remote site to NTT Com by using SoftMAC in Business Portal.

Our operation center will access you after you submit the order in SoftMAC like below process.

1. Access the SoftMAC page in Business Portal

[1] Click “Arcstar Universal One SofMAC” on the Service Control bottom of Business Portal Dashboard.

[2] Click “Config Change” (of VPN number you want to see if multiple VPNs available)

[3] SoftMAC page will be displayed.

2. Request to NTT Com by Other RFS

Most of request can be requested by “Other RFS” in SoftMAC.

We introduce how to use “Other RFS” in this page.

[1] Select Other RFS menu in left menu

[2] Select Site and Device you would like to change configuration in “Location and Hardware”

[3] Confirm Email Address in “RFS Contact Information”

[4] Input your request in “Comment” area and press “Save”

Please wait until our operator sends email to you.


Please refer the manual of SoftMAC in detail.

*You can download the manual after logging in Business Portal.