4.4 Changing Corporate Picture

Portal Administrator is able to change to your Corporate Picture from NTT Communications logo at upper left on the screen.

1. Click Corporate logo menu in Portal Management menu to display Corporate logo screen(Figure 4-30).

Figure 4-30 Portal Management menu

2. Click “Choose file” to select logo file.

Figure 4-31. Corporate logo screen

3. After file select screen of your PC is displayed, select a Corporate picture you prepare.

※the recommended size of the picture is 160 x 40 pixels, within 1MB.

Figure 4-32. File select screen

4. After choosing the picture, CORPORATE is changed to the picture. Confirm the picture is correct, and click OK.

Figure 4-33. Corporate logo screen


5. Corporate Picture you set is displayed in the upper left.

Figure 4-34. Changed corporate logo